Herstory Club was established to bring women with a passion for history together, offering an opportunity for both professional and social connections.

On our Directory page, you will find the details of women in all areas of historical interest and study. However your interest manifests; whether you’re an aspiring historian, working in a related industry or someone who just loves history, please feel free to join our digital community or pop along to one of our local meet ups. You do not need to be an academic or hold any qualifications; we are here simply to celebrate and connect women with a shared love of history.

Featured profile

Our featured profile this week is social historian Rosemarie Leonard


I’ve a passion for Social History – the whys, hows, wherefores of humanity’s evolution, with an emphasis on the quiet multitude. It came hand-in-hand with the desire to share what I had learnt and encourage others to do the same.

Delving into my own family’s story, the context surrounding their ancestral journey, how it blended with other members of the Italian diaspora, has given a rich perspective to my research. Their diverse, but intertwining paths have become current, connecting descendants across vast swathes of the globe.

Our ancestors’ stories have taught me a great deal about ‘History’ in its more formal, academic manifestation. It also led me to a better understanding of the present and brought me many new, like-minded friends.

And the journey, like education, is ongoing … never-ending.