Herstory on Film

Each month, the Herstory Club curates a selection of films that complement our monthly theme. This collection will be female-focused – both in front of the camera and ideally behind too – and range from fiction to biopics of real women in history. The films we’ll be recommending aim to both entertain and educate, showcasing … Continue reading Herstory on Film

Her-Story: Kate Vigurs

Each month, Herstory Club feature an interview with a woman currently working in History. We are aiming to share the experiences women face in the industry (the good and the bad!) and to shine a light on the incredible work currently being undertaken by women across a wide range of specialist disciplines. Kate Vigurs Herstory … Continue reading Her-Story: Kate Vigurs

Friend To the Small and Lowly: Helen Kinau Wilder 

By DM Testa As the nineteenth century drew to a close, a three-year veteran of the Hawaiian police force was making headlines. Sporting a silver badge on her soft felt hat, the officer had been granted the right to arrest while enforcing animal cruelty laws. Some found her eccentric, others charming, but all agreed: “Miss … Continue reading Friend To the Small and Lowly: Helen Kinau Wilder