The Angel of Gettysburg: Elizabeth Thorn

by Laura Klotz The sun was hot in Gettysburg in July of 1863. After three days of bloody carnage, the remaining Confederate forces fled the battlefield, the Union retreated to tend their wounded, and hundreds of dead bodies lay scattered throughout the small community. With the Battle of Gettysburg over, it fell to the residents … Continue reading The Angel of Gettysburg: Elizabeth Thorn

Florence Higinbotham (1870-1949): An Ignored NarrativeĀ 

by Rosie Wright Far too often, I have found that historic house tours place too much emphasis on the male characters in their historical narrative. What I find perhaps most fascinating about this - especially with my experience of studying and working in historic houses - is that typically, the female stories relate more closely … Continue reading Florence Higinbotham (1870-1949): An Ignored NarrativeĀ