Her-Story: Gemma Hollman

Each month, Herstory Club feature an interview with a woman currently working in History. We are aiming to share the experiences women face in the industry (the good and the bad!) and to shine a light on the incredible work currently being undertaken by women across a wide range of specialist disciplines. Gemma Hollman Herstory … Continue reading Her-Story: Gemma Hollman

Anne & Florence Vernone – Magiciennes Extraordinaire

by DM Testa    “Mrs. W.J. Morris (L) and sister, circa mid to late 1870s.” carte de visite from author’s collection At a time when the success of female magicians "depended not on new tricks but on the novelty of a female performing them," two sisters performing around the greater London area would toss that convention out … Continue reading Anne & Florence Vernone – Magiciennes Extraordinaire