Central to Herstory Club are the informal meet ups arranged by members. Anyone can put together an event, which could be as simple as a meet up in the local pub or a trip to a museum. If you’ve got an idea and would like us to promote it – just drop us a line!

I have been lucky enough to attend three Herstory Club meets (London, Birmingham and Tank Museum) and also a conference (Modern Conflict Symposium – Manchester) that was brought to my attention from another member of the Herstory Club. As a result of these meet ups, I have met a variety of intelligent and charismatic women, from different historical disciplines which has helped to broaden my own understanding of different aspects of history. I have discovered new means of research and have assisted in my own small way. The time that the Herstory Club has been in my life has really helped me to develop, not just as a historian (or herstorian if you like!) but also as a feminist, by bringing me into contact with inspiring and motivating women who have only been too happy to assist from a practical perspective or by offering support in many forms. I have made lifelong friendships due to the Herstory Club that I will be forever grateful for!

– Bethany Moore