Sarah Bernhardt: The ‘Divine Eccentric’

by Aoife Sutton Iconic, eccentric, and eventually ‘divine’ - Sarah Bernhardt was a woman that went down in history. Rising from humble beginnings to international stardom, Sarah is thought to have been the illegitimate daughter of a courtesan called Judith Bernard. As a woman of Dutch Jewish origin, Sarah faced antisemitism in her professional and … Continue reading Sarah Bernhardt: The ‘Divine Eccentric’

The Queen Caroline Affair, 1820

by Rachel Campbell In June 1820 Caroline of Brunswick stepped off a boat onto Dover as Queen of Great Britain to a cheering crowd. Caroline had spent 5 years travelling the European continent as the estranged wife of George IV, then Prince Regent.  Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick, Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1804 The couple had … Continue reading The Queen Caroline Affair, 1820

The story of Harriet Martineau

by Daisy Holder It was the spring of 1855, and Harriet was blazing her way through writing her autobiography. She was dying of heart failure (probably. Maybe.) and didn't have long left. She had been "sickly" and "delicate" for most of her life, a trait which Harriet's mother put down to a poor-quality wet nurse … Continue reading The story of Harriet Martineau

Vulcana: The Victorian Wonder Woman by Claire Miles

In the 21st Century, female bodybuilders and weightlifters are commonplace, but back in 19th Century Britain, these female athletes were unique and unusual. People flocked to music halls and theatres to witness their jaw-dropping feats of strength. But there was one wonder woman who stood out amongst them all - Kate Williams aka Vulcana. Miriam … Continue reading Vulcana: The Victorian Wonder Woman by Claire Miles