Josephine Baker: Flapper, war hero, civil rights activist

by Louise Quick Where to start with Josephine Baker? She was a glitzy 1920s star, a World War Two spy, and the only woman to speak during the March on Washington. Let’s begin where she did, with dancing! The performer Google ‘Josephine Baker’ and you’ll quickly find images of her wearing little more than a … Continue reading Josephine Baker: Flapper, war hero, civil rights activist

Herstory on Film – October

Each month, the Herstory Club curates a selection of films that complement our monthly theme. This collection will be female-focused – both in front of the camera and ideally behind too – and range from fiction to biopics of real women in history. The films we’ll be recommending aim to both entertain and educate, showcasing … Continue reading Herstory on Film – October

Her-Story October: Renée Landell

Each month, Herstory Club will be a featuring an interview with a woman currently working in History. We are aiming to share the experiences women face in the industry (the good and the bad!) and to shine a light on the incredible work currently being undertaken by women across a wide range of specialist disciplines. … Continue reading Her-Story October: Renée Landell

#HeForShe – How Women Came to Rule the Kingdom of Kush

by Luke Pepera In about 600 BC, the Egyptian pharaoh Psammeticus II destroyed the Kushite capital Napata, and drove the Kushites south where they established a new capital at Meroë (in modern-day Sudan). Blessed with heavy rains and located at an enviable position between the societies of the African coast, African interior, Egypt, and the … Continue reading #HeForShe – How Women Came to Rule the Kingdom of Kush

“I was always more than a label” Coretta Scott King

“Behind every great man there’s a great woman”. What a bullshit quote. In a supportive relationship a man and woman can complement each other really well, but a woman isn’t great just because a man is. No more should we be seeing women in history as the feature of a notable man.