An Egyptian Love Story

by Khadija Tauseef When one thinks of love, an Egyptian couple comes to mind, one of the most controversial couples in history. The heretic pharaoh, Akhenaten, and his beautiful queen, Nefertiti. Theirs is a story filled with revolution and rebirth, as Akhenaten began a new chapter in Egyptian history, leading a revolution that shook the … Continue reading An Egyptian Love Story

#HeForShe – How Women Came to Rule the Kingdom of Kush

by Luke Pepera In about 600 BC, the Egyptian pharaoh Psammeticus II destroyed the Kushite capital Napata, and drove the Kushites south where they established a new capital at Meroë (in modern-day Sudan). Blessed with heavy rains and located at an enviable position between the societies of the African coast, African interior, Egypt, and the … Continue reading #HeForShe – How Women Came to Rule the Kingdom of Kush