Herstory on Film

Each month, the Herstory Club curates a selection of films that complement our monthly theme. This collection will be female-focused – both in front of the camera and ideally behind too – and range from fiction to biopics of real women in history. The films we’ll be recommending aim to both entertain and educate, showcasing … Continue reading Herstory on Film

Rose Pastor Stokes – Rebel Cinderella

By Ashley Carollo Rose Pastor Stokes may be unknown today, but 100 years ago she was a very modern tabloid sensation before we had paparazzi and the National Enquirer.  There were more articles written about her and her marriage to one of the richest bachelors in the country than any other subject.  But she was … Continue reading Rose Pastor Stokes – Rebel Cinderella

Augusta Pierce Tabor – Showing smarts and work ethic during the glittering Gold Rush

By Ashley Carollo In 1859 gold was discovered at the confluence of two mountain creeks in Colorado, sparking a gold rush that brought thousands of rugged souls looking for a quick fortune.  It was a time of lawlessness and daring – the land wasn’t a part of the United States and the feeling was that … Continue reading Augusta Pierce Tabor – Showing smarts and work ethic during the glittering Gold Rush

Luella Bates: the First Female Lorry Driver

By Charis Gambon Lorry driving was originally believed to be a male profession and in many ways is still heavily dominated by men even now in 2021. According to a British government statistics report on domestic road freight from 2019, only one per cent of lorry drivers are female.  Lorry driving is not a profession … Continue reading Luella Bates: the First Female Lorry Driver

Sarah Bernhardt: The ‘Divine Eccentric’

by Aoife Sutton Iconic, eccentric, and eventually ‘divine’ - Sarah Bernhardt was a woman that went down in history. Rising from humble beginnings to international stardom, Sarah is thought to have been the illegitimate daughter of a courtesan called Judith Bernard. As a woman of Dutch Jewish origin, Sarah faced antisemitism in her professional and … Continue reading Sarah Bernhardt: The ‘Divine Eccentric’