Herstory on Film

Each month, the Herstory Club curates a selection of films that complement our monthly theme. This collection will be female-focused – both in front of the camera and ideally behind too – and range from fiction to biopics of real women in history. The films we’ll be recommending aim to both entertain and educate, showcasing … Continue reading Herstory on Film

The Literary Women Who Were Left Out 

by Laura Granda-Mateu The more women writers I encounter, the more I am amazed at how much I still have to discover, to enjoy, to share, to bow down to. Contemporary writers, classics, in their original language, translated, hyper-famous, unknown, forgotten, revered, underestimated. I want them all.  The more I ‘discover’ them, the more I … Continue reading The Literary Women Who Were Left Out 

Women’s history and asylum literature

by Anne Goodwin There’s a lively literature on life in the Victorian asylums which warehoused society’s misfits from the beginning of the nineteenth century. From my reading of this literature, combined with what I learnt as a clinical psychologist in a long-stay psychiatric hospital, I explore the facts behind the fiction, and ask whether women … Continue reading Women’s history and asylum literature

Masculinity, Myths and Morale: The Wipers Times

By Karla Thomson “Paper was there, ink in plenty, everything in fact except ‘copy.’ As none of us were writing men, we wrote down any old thing that came into our heads.” Fred Roberts, The Wipers Times, (1916) If I was to ask you to describe The Wipers Times, the likelihood is it will evoke … Continue reading Masculinity, Myths and Morale: The Wipers Times