Saint Jane: The Life and Reform Work of Jane Addams

by Holley Snaith “Social advance depends as much upon the process through which it is secured as upon the result itself.”  Jane Addams  Jane Addams has been called the Mother of Social Work. An innate servant with a vision, she opened her heart and the doors of Hull-House in Chicago to those identified by society as … Continue reading Saint Jane: The Life and Reform Work of Jane Addams

The Flapper Election

by Becky Laxton-Bass It has been just over two years since the celebrations of Vote 100 – a year of events, talks and the unveiling of new statues; celebrating the centenary of the Act of Parliament that granted the first women the right to vote. The Representation of the People Act was given royal assent … Continue reading The Flapper Election

The Disabled Suffragette

by Olivia Smith Rosa May Billinghurst was branded the “cripple suffragette” by the press and her peers after a bout of childhood polio left her unable to walk. Known as ‘May’, she wore leg-irons and used either crutches or a modified tricycle.  Her visibility attracted a lot of attention to the movement, and unlike many … Continue reading The Disabled Suffragette