We’re always looking for articles for our blog. So, if you’re a fellow history nerd with a story to share, Herstory Club wants to hear from you!

At Herstory Club we’re all about sharing our love of history and encouraging others to feel as enthusiastic about women’s contributions to history as we are. This is where you come in. We’re looking for articles – from any corner of the globe and any year – for our blog.

At the moment we have four regular blogs:

Women in History 

This is our bread-and-butter. These posts reveal an exciting story about women in history that is either unknown or hasn’t been given the limelight it deserves. Each month these posts relate to a chosen theme – make sure you’re following Herstory Club on Twitter and Instagram to find out about the upcoming themes. (Have an idea you’re really passionate about sharing but don’t see a matching theme? Send it across anyway.)

History by Women

Herstory Club is all about women who are passionate about history, and this means *all* history, not just the history of women! So if you’re a woman working in or studying history – or maybe you just love the subject – and have a story to share that fits with our monthly theme – get in touch.


These monthly guest blog posts share the experience of different women working in history, whether that’s in teaching, museums, heritage sites, or media. If you work in the world of history or know someone who does, get in touch!

He For She

Writing about women’s history isn’t only a woman’s game and these posts offer a space where men can contribute articles about women in history. If you identify as male and have a great nugget of women’s history you want to share, let us know. 

Writing guide:

Herstory Club is run by a small (but mighty) volunteer team and, as such, we have a couple of requests for potential contributors.

When writing a post for us, we’re looking for:

  • Approximately 700 words per post.
  • A light and accessible tone. Remember, you’re writing for a community of history nerds from all walks of life and not a university professor. Keep it enthusiastic and accessible.
  • Image suggestions. It would be a huge help if you could provide at least three high resolution, copyright-free image suggestions that complement your piece – either the images themselves or hyperlinks.
  • Recommended reading. If you’ve referenced or know of 2-3 informative resources (e.g. online resources or books) where readers can find out more about the topic of your piece, please include hyperlinks alongside your piece.
  • A short ‘About the Author’ bio, photo, and any social media link you’d like included. (Optional)

How to contact us:

Please don’t send written and ready-to-go blog posts straight away. We’d hate for you to spend your time writing only to find out your piece isn’t quite the right fit or already been covered. 

Instead, send your initial ideas to us via our Contact Form or social media. As a guide, an ideal pitch is about 50 words and describes what you want to write about and why you want to write about it – get us wanting to find out more!

We look forward to hearing from you!